Expectation: the act or state of look forward or anticipating

Remember driving for the first time?  For me that was over 25 years ago.  WOW!!! I still remember getting behind the wheel and putting the car in gear.  It was awesome!  When I got my permit, I would get the keys to my parents station wagon and drive up and down the driveway (we had a big driveway).  I would get 2 trash cans out and practice my parallel parking.  Had to be ready for the test!  Passed it the first time by the way.  Did you?

I was so pumped the day I got my license.   It was on my birthday.  The day I turned 16.  Thought I was the stuff!  I started looking for reasons to go somewhere.  I would volunteer to go places, just so I could get behind the wheel.  My expectation level was through the roof every time I put the key in the ignition. 

Then life happened… Got older, got married, had kids, all that cool stuff that comes with life.  Somewhere along the way my expectation to get behind the wheel faded.  I once had a job that required me to drive all day long.  That can be an expectation killer.  Now I’m no longer volunteering to drive anywhere.  Will gladly let my wife pick up the kids.  No big desire to run pick up the milk when we run out… You know what I’m talking about.

Our Spiritual Journey can be much the same if we’re not careful.

If you are a Believer, you probably remember the day you gave your life to Christ.  I do!  Sitting on my couch watching a Christian television program and I surrendered it all to HIM.  Cried like a baby!  I started reading The Word of God, praying, and walking with God!  It was so cool!  My expectation was NUTS!  Even as a young man I couldn’t wait to get The Book in my hands, spend time in prayer, and seek HIS face. 

Then somewhere along the way life happened again…  Things came in.  Not bad things, just things.  I allowed those things to take away from the time that I use to spend with Him.  Don’t get me wrong, I talked to HIM and read HIS Word everyday, but it wasn’t the same.  The expectation had faded…

The good thing is I recognized it and I understood that God loved me anyway.  So what did I do?  First of all I repented.  I asked God to rekindle the fire again.  To make me hungry!  He did just that!  My expectation level is through the roof again!  I’m looking forward in anticipation to what happens next.  I can’t wait to put the key in the ignition, put the car in gear, and see what God has next on this Spiritual Journey that I’m on.  I want to hear His voice, see His face and walk in His glory.

If you’re reading this and your expectation level is low… 
I pray that you will begin to burn again… 
Hunger again…
Thirst again….

If you’re reading this and you’ve never experienced an expectation for the things of God that I’m talking about. 
Don’t wait another day!
Get on board!
Enjoy the ride!
You won’t regret it!

Short and Sweet!

I haven’t blogged lately…

Not that I haven’t had anything to say!

God has been blowing me up lately, in a GOOD WAY!  I love what HE’S doing in me right now!

I feel like I’m falling in love with HIM all over again.  Honestly, I haven’t felt that in a while.
Just trying to stay in that secret place and enjoy this journey…

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. ~Psalm 91:1

I will be headed out at 6 AM tomorrow morning to spend some time with the Student Ministry Department of Faith Renewed.  I love these guys!!! God is doing a great work in this ministry.  We will be going to Florida on a mission trip.  I’m believing God for some great things! 

I may actually break out the WordPress for Blackberry that I downloaded while I’m there and do a little blogging.

We’ll see…

Our Freedom Wasn’t Free…

This 4th of July Weekend as we celebrate the freedom that we have as a great Nation, let’s not forget that our freedom wasn’t free.  We might not have been the one to pay the price, but someone did. 

Someone’s son, daughter, father, or brother laid down their life so that we can grill out and enjoy the fireworks this weekend. 

To everyone that paid the price for me, I want to say thank you.  

As we walk into our churches this Sunday, let’s definitely not forget the ultimate freedom that has been made available to us.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. (Romans 8:2)

To the ONE that paid the price for me, THANK YOU.

Holiness or Hell?

I thought that title may grab  your attention.

This post may turn off a few people but that’s okay.  That’s not my intention at all but sometimes Truth hurts…

I was reading The Word recently and came across a Scripture I haven’t heard in a while.

Hebrews 12:14
Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord

We don’t hear that one preached much anymore.  Definitely not one of those verses that we write on an index card and put on the refrigerator.  The fact is, it’s still in there and we can’t overlook it.

This may seem a little “old school” but maybe we need to go back to the “old school” in some areas of our life.  It seems like WE (The Church) have become so desensitized to the things of God.  We live in a time where there seems to be no right or wrong, no black or white anymore.  Just shades of eerie gray.

The word holiness means sanctification or consecration.  That means set apart and dedicated.  I know we are living in a time that if we do talk about  HIM, we just want to talk about the Promises of God and what great benefits come from serving Christ.  Trust me, I’m thankful for His Promises and there are no greater benefits that can come from anywhere or anyone else. I’ve just come to place in my life where I want to see Him.  According to this verse without holiness that won’t happen. 

I love the world!  I do what I do because the world needs to know Jesus, but there should be a difference between the world and The Church.  Jesus did everything he could to reach the lost and so should we but there should be a difference.  We should stand out in a crowd.  Jesus did!  So much so that they crucified Him. 

It should be the desire of every pastor or church leader for people to see Jesus in them or the ministry they are a part of, but without holiness NO ONE will!

So what am I trying to say?  God is not going to be secondary in our life.  Doing our own thing Monday-Saturday and showing up on Sunday with a mask on is not going to get it anymore.  Let’s pursue HIM and not the world with everything that is within us and then we will see you HIM for who HE really is.  Then maybe we change the world!