First of all, let me say I don’t typically use my social media for this sort of thing.
I felt led so here it goes…

FRUSTRATED is one word to describe how I felt when I read the Parent’s Guide on IMDb of the latest Marvel movie, Deadpool.

As a father, I REALLY enjoy watching “hero” movies with my children.  I’m a big kid myself and love seeing good ultimately triumph over evil in the end!  It makes me feel like I’m seven years old again in my red rubber rain boots with a pillow case draped down my back and jumping off the top step of my parents back porch.  Or scaling the door frames of our house in my Spiderman Underoos!  In case you didn’t know, Underoos is underwear that’s fun to wear! (I digress.)

Anyway, this movie is filled with JUNK!  There are several nude and sex scenes.  It scored a 9/10 for profanity (BTW, that’s not a positive thing on this 10 scale).  I have not and WILL NOT see this movie.  My 18 year old son and his friend went to see it this past weekend.  Thinking it was Rated PG-13 like most movies in this category.  He was surprised when he was asked for an ID.  This caused them to pull out their cell phones and go to IMDb.  They read the content and saw the R rating.  Thankfully they chose NOT to see it.  (Proud dad moment right there!)

BEWARE PARENTS!  Don’t take your kids to see this and make a wise decision to opt out yourself.  I saw one media group praising this movie and encouraging everyone to see it.  GUARD YOUR HEART!  

The ticket sales have been GREAT.  It broke box office records.  This post is probably not going to put a dent in the pockets of those profiting from it. However, if it educates one person and keeps someone from being exposed to this kind of filth in the name of entertainment…IT WAS WORTH my time in writing.

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