Every decision we make has a consequence. I’ve seen far TOO MANY tragedies because of bad choices. The murder that took place at Bojangles in Mauldin this weekend is just ONE OF MANY…It breaks my heart! I’m sick of hearing things like, “It’s just a little pot…It’s just one drink…We’re just messing around…It’s no big deal…” IT IS A BIG DEAL!!! If we open the door to the enemy, HE WILL COME IN! His mission is very clear. He wants to steal, kill, & DESTROY.

The mission of Jesus is also clear. 1 John 3:8 says, For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might DESTROY the works of the devil. How does Jesus stop the work of Satan in our lives? You got it! With a decision. A decision to surrender our life and will to His.

Please join me in prayer! I’m praying young and old alike will stop and think. I’m praying we all see the importance of every choice and the result it will bring. Not just for us, but for those around us and for the generations to come.


  1. So true…I’ve been guilty myself of downplaying the significance of things that I allow myself to be a part of. It’s so easy to justify these things and say “It’s no big deal”. I’m going to work harder at learning to recognize that it is most likely the voice of the enemy speaking into my ear when I hear “It’s no big deal”.

    • Great way to put it Jennifer! It is the voice of the enemy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Praying for you. Have a blessed day!

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