The REAL Jesus

We kicked off a new Series yesterday at Faith Renewed called, The Real Jesus.

It was Easter and the opening Message of this Series was entitled, The Real Jesus is ALIVE. This was not your typical Easter Message…I believe most people in attendance were there because they’ve already heard that Jesus was alive…

After taking a little time to talk about the importance of the resurrection. I turned the attention towards what I feel are 3 Responses To The Resurrection.

  1. IGNORE IT: Unfortunately, there are MANY that choose to totally ignore what Jesus did for them.1 Corinthians 1:18 says, For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing…I feel this is totally the wrong way to respond to the sacrifice that Jesus made.
  2.  ACKNOWLEDGE IT: The next two responses I shared came from John 20.  Take some time to read this chapter if you can.  In this chapter we see that Peter and John came to the tomb, walked in to find it empty and returned home. This response to me seems just as sad as the first.  I believe the devil would LOVE to make us somehow believe in our mind that it’s enough to simply ACKNOWLEDGE the RESURRECTION.
  3. RECEIVE IT:  The only appropriate response to Jesus conquering the grave is modeled for us by Mary Magdalene.  She refused to just walk in, see an empty tomb and go home.  She wanted to see Jesus!  Jesus said in John 11, “I AM THE RESURRECTION.”  I believe Mary was there that day and remembers hearing those words.  Her love for Him put her in a position to see Jesus in a way that nobody else ever has.  She had an encountered with THE RISEN LORD.  Mary received The Resurrection and He called by her name.

    Easter is just another holiday if you haven’t received The Resurrection.

There you have it…A little recap of yesterday’s Message.  I’m REALLY looking forward to this Series!  You can join us on this journey by coming out to one of our Services, tuning in via LIVEstream or subscribing to our podcast.

I HOPE your Easter was AMAZING! BLESSINGS to you!

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