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Faith Renewed Church just released another worship moment. I’m going to leave it on repeat for a while! GOD LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW!


I’m totally blown away by the grace of God! He is SO GOOD! Here at Faith Renewed we are celebrating some of the amazing stories in our church family. COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT THE GRACE OF GOD IS DOING IN YOUR LIFE!


We are still in the Series at Faith Renewed Church entitled, WHY? We are currently taking time to look at WHY GRACE is so important in our lives. I LOVE WHAT GOD IS SHOWING US IN THIS STUDY! You can check out the entire… Continue Reading “WHY GRACE?”

From New Age to New Creation in Christ!

There are so many exciting stories coming out Faith Renewed Church. This family has been completely transformed by The Gospel of Christ. If you know anyone that is involved with the new age movement, please share this video with them.