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From New Age to New Creation in Christ!

There are so many exciting stories coming out Faith Renewed Church. This family has been completely transformed by The Gospel of Christ. If you know anyone that is involved with the new age movement, please share this video with them.

Speak UP!

I know that I don’t have to give anyone permission to say exactly how they feel on social media. We see it ALL OF THE TIME! However, I want you to know that it’s OK to speak up and say that murdering innocent babies… Continue Reading “Speak UP!”

AMAZING Weekend!

Hope your weekend was GREAT! I had an amazing one!  As usual, I got to preach and share The Gospel.  That’s ALWAYS a blessing!  I also introduced some folks to Jesus…THAT NEVER GETS OLD! On top of all of that…I got to jump in… Continue Reading “AMAZING Weekend!”


I LOVE them!  Who doesn’t? Had a cool one happen recently… May be a small thing to some, but it was huge to me. I was jogging (seems like I have a lot of my cool God moments when I jog…need to run more… Continue Reading “GOD MOMENTS”