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Worship Is MORE Than A Song

Some songs were MEANT to be written…this is ONE of them. This song wrecks me every time I hear it.  It’s amazing how God can use a song to tell us that worship is so much more. (This is my oldest son singing at… Continue Reading “Worship Is MORE Than A Song”

The REAL Jesus

We kicked off a new Series yesterday at Faith Renewed called, The Real Jesus. It was Easter and the opening Message of this Series was entitled, The Real Jesus is ALIVE. This was not your typical Easter Message…I believe most people in attendance were there… Continue Reading “The REAL Jesus”

Blab It And Grab It???

I don’t believe when Jesus told us to speak to the mountain;  He was just trying to get us to speak positive, or was teaching a doctrine that we can have everything we ask for. Jesus said in Matthew 21:21&22: “Assuredly, I say to… Continue Reading “Blab It And Grab It???”