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We are seeing God do some incredible things during Series!

We are dealing with issues like rejection, addiction, and anxiety just to name a few. This week we dealt with sexual sin. God wants His kids to walk free in this area of life. Unfortunately, too many people have believed the lie that they can’t. Check out this weeks Message by Joshua Cantrell. It’s on our website and iTunes under Faith Renewed Podcast.


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My special guest blogger today…the one and only Landon Few.

Let me introduce you to Landon! He has a heart for the Lord, and feels a call to ministry. He is job shadowing me today and wrote his


Below you will find what God placed on Landon’s heart to share with you today.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” – James 4:8

Intentionality – It’s all about being intentional.

We have to be intentional about getting close to God. We have to be purposeful about getting in His Presence. We have to make an actual effort to grow our relationship with Him.

Nobody accidentally gets close to God.

Get to church. Get in God’s word. Turn the worship music on. Turn the T.V. off. Put down the phone. Wake up 15 minutes early so you can spend time in prayer.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the radio to the Christian station as you’re going down the road. Sometimes it requires being disciplined enough to wake up 15 to 30 minutes early to spend time with God.

Whatever the case may be, just be intentional about spending time with God.

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you

Speak UP!

I know that I don’t have to give anyone permission to say exactly how they feel on social media. We see it ALL OF THE TIME!

However, I want you to know that it’s OK to speak up and say that murdering innocent babies is wrong.

It DOESN’T mean that you don’t love the person that had or has an abortion. It doesn’t mean that you don’t LOVE the doctors that perform them. It doesn’t mean you HATE anyone.

It simply means that you believe destroying an innocent life is WRONG.