THAT’S RIGHT! In July we had a NEW ADDITION to the family!

From the hospital.

Eliora Faith Huff has been an ABSOLUTE blessing to our family! I’ve always heard there is something SPECIAL about being a grandparent…IT’S INCREDIBLE. We all love this little miracle, and have been enjoying the last six months. Below are some pics of some of the memories we’ve made so far. She made it in time for our family vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years.

As I look back through my past posts, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY are about my faith (that’s not a bad thing). With the name of my site being Faith, Family, Fun…I figured it was a time to put some FAMILY & FUN in the mix.

In 2020, I will be sharing more moments from the family and throw in some of what I call fun…AKA hunting & fishing!


Emmanuel…GOD WITH US!

Sitting here in the office today praying and studying for Sunday.

Totally blown away thinking about what this Season TRULY means (not what it has become in a lot of places).

The fact that God would leave heaven and come to earth FOR ME AND YOU! It wrecks me! He didn’t have to do it. That’s LOVE. That’s Christmas!

Kicking off a NEW SERIES THIS SUNDAY at Faith Renewed!
This weeks Message is, His Name is EMMANUEL.

Reckless Abandon

My son Adam Drake Rogers just released his first original worship song.

You can CHECK IT OUT & DOWNLOAD on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, & Spotify.



Freedom is for anyone who desires complete deliverance and freedom through Jesus Christ, so that we can become the person God created us to be.

Jesus makes us free and then gives us the power and strength to STAY free from the most subtle to the more obvious of habits, unhealthy attachments and relationships, hurts, chains and addictions.

If the Son make you free, you shall be free indeed. –Jesus

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