Are you SAVED?

Our answer to this question will determine where we spend eternity.

What does COMMUNION mean to YOU?

Anytime I receive Communion, it’s always a very powerful time. Taking time to remember what Christ did for me, causes many emotions to arise. I would love to hear what communion means to you.

How often do you receive communion and why?

I recently taught on this subject. Check out this Message when you can.


I recently trimmed my bushes. When the withered and dried up clippings you now see in this picture were cut off…they were green and living just as much as the bush they were connected to. It didn’t take long for them to end up in the condition they’re in now.

Moral of the story? STAY CONNECTED!

Don’t let the enemy cut you off from the very thing that brings life.

From New Age to New Creation in Christ!

There are so many exciting stories coming out Faith Renewed Church.

This family has been completely transformed by The Gospel of Christ.

If you know anyone that is involved with the new age movement, please share this video with them.