This past Sunday I shared a Message entitled, His Name is GRACE. Every time I study for a Message like this I get overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

The grace of God is something that I don’t believe we will ever be able to fully comprehend until we see Jesus face to face. I will be forever grateful for GRACE!

If you would like to watch the Service…check out the video below.

COVID-19 Update

We will be temporarily canceling our in house services starting this Wednesday.
We will still be LIVE STREAMING our Sunday Services at 9 AM!!
Please join us on YouTube, Facebook, or our website at!
Stay tuned for updates to come!

How Was Your Deer Season?

If you know me…You know I love Jesus, Family, The Church, and the Great Outdoors.

Here is a little summary of how my deer season ended up here in South Carolina.

I got the old Mathews bow out early this season and was able to put a decent doe down in September. It’s always great to get one under your belt early. It’s take the pressure off a little so you can actually enjoy being out. The very reason we should go out. I had some other opportunities early on and decided to let them walk. Wanting to provide deer meat for some families that asked…I took advantage of a blessing the good Lord gave me with another nice doe. Finally, I was able to take a good buck (for the area I was hunting) late in the season.

If you hunt, I would love to hear about yours adventures.
Drop me a link or some pics in the comments below.


THAT’S RIGHT! In July we had a NEW ADDITION to the family!

From the hospital.

Eliora Faith Huff has been an ABSOLUTE blessing to our family! I’ve always heard there is something SPECIAL about being a grandparent…IT’S INCREDIBLE. We all love this little miracle, and have been enjoying the last six months. Below are some pics of some of the memories we’ve made so far. She made it in time for our family vacation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years.

As I look back through my past posts, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY are about my faith (that’s not a bad thing). With the name of my site being Faith, Family, Fun…I figured it was a time to put some FAMILY & FUN in the mix.

In 2020, I will be sharing more moments from the family and throw in some of what I call fun…AKA hunting & fishing!