HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 16th U.S. President. 


If you would like to read some quotes that Lincoln ACTUALLY said, The Abraham Lincoln Association is a pretty cool site.

Let’s DO This!

The church desparately needs to open the altars again!

PRAYER is ALWAYS a good thing.

Don’t ever stop talking to the ONE that hears and answers!

AMAZING Weekend!

Hope your weekend was GREAT!

I had an amazing one!  As usual, I got to preach and share The Gospel.  That’s ALWAYS a blessing!  I also introduced some folks to Jesus…THAT NEVER GETS OLD!

On top of all of that…I got to jump in my kayak and spend a little time fishing.  The snow cleared out here in SC and the temps got in the 60’s!

Here are a few pics from this weekend and a couple from a previous outing.