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Praying or Preying

I was texting someone back this morning. As I was texting the word…”praying”…autocorrect changed it to the word, “preying”. Got to LOVE autocorrect! After I fixed it, and sent the text. I got to thinking about those two words. One letter CAN MAKE A… Continue Reading “Praying or Preying”


We are still in the Series at Faith Renewed Church entitled, WHY? We are currently taking time to look at WHY GRACE is so important in our lives. I LOVE WHAT GOD IS SHOWING US IN THIS STUDY! You can check out the entire… Continue Reading “WHY GRACE?”

Is The Prosperity Gospel TRUE????

In this two part Message…I dive into what TRUE PROSPERITY looks like. In Part 1 we look at Spiritual & Mental Prosperity. DOES GOD WANT US TO PROSPER? In Part 2 we look at Physical & Financial Prosperity I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT… Continue Reading “Is The Prosperity Gospel TRUE????”


Are you READY to EAT? Are you READY to SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY? Thanksgiving is such a special time. In the latest Message from Faith Renewed Church, we focused on WHY THANKSGIVING is so important. WHAT ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR?