I should be in the hospital recovering from brain surgery, but I ran a 5K instead.

Long title I know, but I thought I would get right to the point.

Last week, my family and I had an adventure!

Long story short, I ended up in the hospital with the most excruciating pain in my head I’ve ever experienced!  The first diagnosis was a leaking aneurysm that would require brain surgery to repair.  The final diagnosis was as a ruptured vein in my brain.  Either way, I know two things to be true.  It HURT, and God BROUGHT ME through it!

Here are three things that  were vital for me during this time.

#1 – GRACE

Overcoming any obstacle in life will first of all take place because of the GRACE OF GOD.  It would be arrogant and foolish to believe we can do anything a part from a gracious God.  As you will see from the next points, I believe there are some things we must do, but even those happen because of His grace.


What you believe is crucial!  I had my body telling me one thing.  The doctors were backing up what my body was telling me.  However, the WORD OF GOD told me something else.  It says, by HIS stripes I’m healed.  We all have faith in something.  Who and what we have faith in is what really counts.  Choose to believe His Word over everything else.  Sometimes, we get to experience immediate results.  Sometimes, it may take longer…Either way, stand on the promises of God and refuse to put your faith in anything else.

#3 – DRIVE

You have to make up in your mind that you’re not staying in your current situation.  Don’t settle for less than God has for you.  I had a desire to get out and get back to life.  I didn’t run without the doctors consent.  That would also be foolish!  He told me to take it easier than normal, so that’s what I did.  After I got the thumbs up, I went for it.  Fear, doubt, lack of discipline, and many other things will try to stop you from moving forward after a setback.  REFUSE to allow those words to be part of your vocabulary.  Any great goal in life will require effort on our part.  We have a saying around our church, “Do what you can do, and trust God to do what you can’t do.”  Is there there something God is waiting on you to do?  It all starts with a decision.  Then make a plan.  Finally, surround yourself with people that will help you walk out the plan.

These three things have changed, and are continuing to change my life.  The good news is, you can experience them as well!  All three are available to you.

I want to close with a BIG THANK YOU to EVERYONE that prayed for and reached out to my family and I.  The show of love and support we received was incredible.  I’ve been truly blessed with the most loving family, church family, and friends a man could have.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!

2 Comments on “I should be in the hospital recovering from brain surgery, but I ran a 5K instead.

  1. It was God’s plan for me to have the brain surgery. It has given me the opportunity to witness to many people! God can use any situation for His glory. I’m so glad you didn’t have to go through what I did. I can’t smell or taste but I’m still trusting in God to heal me. If He chooses not give these things back, I will continue to trust Him and use my situation to tell others about what God has done for me!

    • You are right on Dee! Either way He’s get glory. Going through this gave me the opportunity to share Him with several folks in the hospital that I never would’ve seen. He makes all things work out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. PTL!!!

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