What’s Happens Next?

A little time has passed since the death of Apple Founder, Steve Jobs.  I’m probably the last one to finally be writing about it. (I took a little blogging break…)

In my opinion, he was a creative genius, that has helped shape the world as we know it.

It’s sad to see anyone die at such a young age, to a horrible disease.  I’ve learned in ministry that during times of loss, the best thing we can do, is pray for the family, and if we have a personal relationship with them, be there.

The question I pose today is, What Happens Next?  

Not for the Apple corporation…  With the release of the iPhone 4S, we’ve seen that they will continue on.  What’s next for Mr. Jobs, and for the estimated 150,00 others that die each day?

Steve Job’s was a Buddhist. In his mind, after his death he would find out if he had reached “enlightenment” or not.  If he had not, he would be reincarnated and brought back for a another shot at it…

According to the Bible, we die once, and then face judgement.  We will be judged on the decisions that we made while on this earth.  The main decision being, did we receive the free Gift of Salvation that was offered to us.

My hope is that in his last hours, Mr. Jobs opened his heart to the Truth of God’s Word and to The Grace that was extended.

If you are reading this and have any questions about What’s Happens Next for you, please comment, message, Facebook, or e-mail me…

I would love to hear from you.

3 Comments on “What’s Happens Next?

  1. Terry,
    I thought of this when I heard the news of Mr. Jobs’ death. It reminded me of the verse Mark 8:36 “For what shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.” What a tragedy for this brilliant man to have made such an impact on the world, yet die and go to hell. What an impact he could have made on this world were he a Christian! Works no matter how great or small will never lead to a happy eternity. Only the simple belief in Jesus. “Jesus saith unto him I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the father but by me.” John 14:6
    Press On,

  2. Terry,
    I agree with Crystal that the death of Mr. Jobs is a tragedy, but every time I hear of people espousing the lie of reincarnation I cannot help but to think of Wallace McRae’s poem “Reincarnation” from the book “cowboy curmudgeon”.

    – Reincarnation –

    “What does Reincarnation mean?”
    A cowpoke asked his friend.
    His pal replied, “It happens when
    Yer life has reached its end.
    They comb yer hair, and warsh yer neck,
    And clean yer fingernails,
    And lay you in a padded box
    Away from life’s travails.”

    “The box and you goes in a hole,
    That’s been dug into the ground.
    Reincarnation starts in when
    Yore planted ‘neath a mound.
    Them clods melt down, just like yer box,
    And you who is inside.
    And then yore just beginnin’ on
    Yer transformation ride.”

    “In a while, the grass’ll grow
    Upon yer rendered mound.
    Till some day on yer moldered grave
    A lonely flower is found.
    And say a hoss should wander by
    And graze upon this flower
    That once wuz you, but now’s become
    Yer vegetative bower.”

    “The posy that the hoss done ate
    Up, with his other feed,
    Makes bone, and fat, and muscle
    Essential to the steed,
    But some is left that he can’t use
    And so it passes through,
    And finally lays upon the ground
    This thing, that once wuz you.”

    “Then say, by chance, I wanders by
    And sees this upon the ground,
    And I ponders, and I wonders at,
    This object that I found.
    I thinks of reincarnation,
    Of life and death, and such,
    And come away concludin’: ‘Slim,
    You ain’t changed, all that much.'”

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