Are You Brave Enough?

Are You Brave Enough?

One of the men at our church, posted this question as his facebook status this week.

He asked the question, in relation to our Men’s Meeting that was scheduled later that evening.  He was making an appeal for other men to come, and be a part of our gathering…

God has been doing some INCREDIBLE things in the lives of some our men at Faith Renewed lately!

I believe it’s because they answered YES to the question, Are You Brave Enough?

I’m Brave Enough To:

  • Set my pride aside
  • Be real
  • Be open
  • Realize that I can’t do it on my own

God has a GREAT PLAN for your life!

Do you want to see that plan unfold?

If so, I must ask the question:

Are You Brave Enough?

2 Comments on “Are You Brave Enough?

  1. The fact is guys that we need a challenge! Are you brave
    enough? Please come and be apart of our mens group.
    Be the man God made you to be! Make the decision to
    love the lord with all your heart. Ask yourself the question.

  2. The Word encourages us to NOT forsake the assembly of ourselves together. I missed last nights meeting and have been bothered about it. I’m bothered because I miss being a part of something that God has His hands all over!! God is showing us what our role as Men should be. Please accept the challenge and come be part of this amazing ministry!!!

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