Let’s Make A Deal!

Last night at Faith Renewed, I had the opportunity to fill in for our Student Pastor, while he was tanning on a beach off the Atlantic Ocean.

I had a blast!  I love young people, & always enjoy spending time with them…

We looked at 2 portions of scripture, Genesis 4:7 & Revelation 3:20. Both passages refer to doors, but there’s a BIG difference in what’s behind each one…

In Genesis, we see that “sin lies” at that door.  The original language here, shows sin as a crazed animal at the doorstep.

In Revelation, Jesus Himself is standing at that door, waiting to come inside and have a relationship with you.

The night was complete with our very own rendition of the game show, Let’s Make A Deal (Monty Hall would have been proud).

Unlike the game show, we don’t have to wonder what’s behind the doors we choose in our Spiritual life.  We don’t know all of the details, & all of the different obstacles we will face along the way, but we can know Who will be with us…

So, Let’s Make A Deal!

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