Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Here are a few thoughts about my Memorial Day Weekend:

  • It wasn’t long enough!  (How can 3 days go by so fast?)
  • I spent part of Saturday at the church, getting reading for Sunday…
  • I also cut my grass & did some yard work.  (This was much-needed!)
  • Enjoyed Saturday evening sitting on the swing, talking, and watching the balloons from Freedom Weekend Aloft.
  • Sunday morning we honored our graduates at Faith Renewed and PS brought The Word.  (Great Message & Service!)
  • Sunday evening was our 5th Sunday Night of Worship & Fellowship.  This is always a cool time when the folks from our church minister through song, music, or drama.  (Some talented folk at FROC!)
  • After the worship & food, I put on a clinic on the volleyball court.  Our team was UNDEFEATED!  (Will keep you posted if the streak stays alive or not.) I love hanging out with my Church Family!
  • Monday I did something that I can never do enough of… I spent some quality time with my family.  We went to the pool, had dinner together, and just hung out.

I hope this was your best Memorial Day Weekend ever!

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