It Could Be Worse…

Have you ever heard the old saying, “It Could Be Worse“?  This past weekend, I quoted that one several times.

We went to Hackleburg, Alabama to take supplies to the tornado victims & hit several road blocks along the way…

1. A load “shift” that put us in a truck stop repacking the load for over an hour.

2. That put us in Atlanta, Georgia traffic at the wrong time of the day.  Enough said.

3. We had some truck problems that left us on the side of the road in Birmingham, Alabama for several hours.

As we were sitting in the truck around 2 am, I started to take on the poor me mindset…  You know, the “why did this have to happen to me?” mentality.  While waiting, I decided to catch up on my social media daily intake. As I was browsing through my Twitter, I read a disturbing tweet about someone who had a child on life support because they almost drowned that day.


Yes, it was no fun sitting on the side of a road, in a city that I knew nothing about at 2 AM.

Guess what?  It Could Be Worse!

My kids were back home asleep in the bed & safe.  I was on my way to a city that was destroyed by a F5 tornado.  They lost family members, friends, homes, jobs, etc…  I quickly lost the bad attitude and began to pray for those that were in greater need than me.  This made my situation look a lot smaller.

I eventually ended up having prayer with the mechanic that came out to check our truck.  His mom has cancer. I prayed with him & for her healing at 2:30 AM Saturday morning on the side of the road in Birmingham.  Maybe, that’s why I was there???

So, when you get in a tough place this week.  Remember, there are others out there that could be facing a tougher situation than you.

It Could Be Worse.

Below is a short video I took while riding through Hackleburg, Alabama.
It looked like this as far as the eye can see.

Continue to remember this town & all of those affected by these devastating tornadoes.

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