Holiness or Hell?

I thought that title may grab  your attention.

This post may turn off a few people but that’s okay.  That’s not my intention at all but sometimes Truth hurts…

I was reading The Word recently and came across a Scripture I haven’t heard in a while.

Hebrews 12:14
Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord

We don’t hear that one preached much anymore.  Definitely not one of those verses that we write on an index card and put on the refrigerator.  The fact is, it’s still in there and we can’t overlook it.

This may seem a little “old school” but maybe we need to go back to the “old school” in some areas of our life.  It seems like WE (The Church) have become so desensitized to the things of God.  We live in a time where there seems to be no right or wrong, no black or white anymore.  Just shades of eerie gray.

The word holiness means sanctification or consecration.  That means set apart and dedicated.  I know we are living in a time that if we do talk about  HIM, we just want to talk about the Promises of God and what great benefits come from serving Christ.  Trust me, I’m thankful for His Promises and there are no greater benefits that can come from anywhere or anyone else. I’ve just come to place in my life where I want to see Him.  According to this verse without holiness that won’t happen. 

I love the world!  I do what I do because the world needs to know Jesus, but there should be a difference between the world and The Church.  Jesus did everything he could to reach the lost and so should we but there should be a difference.  We should stand out in a crowd.  Jesus did!  So much so that they crucified Him. 

It should be the desire of every pastor or church leader for people to see Jesus in them or the ministry they are a part of, but without holiness NO ONE will!

So what am I trying to say?  God is not going to be secondary in our life.  Doing our own thing Monday-Saturday and showing up on Sunday with a mask on is not going to get it anymore.  Let’s pursue HIM and not the world with everything that is within us and then we will see you HIM for who HE really is.  Then maybe we change the world!

3 Comments on “Holiness or Hell?

  1. I agree with this. Also recognize that it is a precarious balance. How to we show righteousness, yet still show love for the unrighteous. Just actually blogged on this. Something I pray for guidance on regularly as I tend to be a black/white person.

  2. i agree too its gonna be apon this genaration to bring gods word back im only 12 but i know the right way to live and now a days ppl are looking for churhes to except the way they live and they are finding it dear god plz help them i think its wrong for ppl to go to church say a cuple sweet short prayers then walk out the church doors and be smoking and cursing and stuff goodness i pray for those who are lost fid god soon i hope this helped somebody knowing im 12 and i know the right way to live come on brother holliness or hell

  3. HOLINESS OR HELL? Where do you wanna go? Hell is gonna hot heaven is gonna be paradise….. It is going to be up to some of the younger kids to show the right way to live bc or mommy and daddys isnt going to be here much longer. I am 14 years old an i am rooted and grounded filled with the holy ghost and i will tell you off in a mintue. The 12 year old above me. Your right. What church you go to? I go to apostalic holiness in limestone. Like seeing new ppl in and worshiping the LORD JESUS.. It hurts to see some of your family members die and go to hell. Even when they no the right way to live and choose not to.. Dont ppl see what the world is coming to now days. You cant go outside without watching to see if you are gonna get robbed or shot. We need the lord ppl and we need him fast. Dont wait till the judgementday to pray. Seek his fave, fast, and pray. I am completely positive that god listens to your prayers. He is in heaven 24-7. He is just a call away. You never no when he is gonna call your name.

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