Sunday Night Reflections…

A few thoughts from a great weekend…

  • It’s been HOT the last several days and Summer doesn’t officially start until next week!  WOW!!!  Hope these past few days are not a sign of  what’s coming our way…
  • The Student Ministry had a car wash to raise funds for their Florida Mission Trip.  It’s next month.  Pray for the Renovate Crew.  We have some AWESOME young  people at Faith Renewed!
  • Preached the 2nd Message of the Series entitled, “SEVEN” today.
  • Taught on the Subject of ENVY.  There’s never ANY pleasure with this sin, yet so many people are caught up in it.
  • I will try to post the notes from the Message tomorrow.
  • We had folks in the altar this morning repenting of envy.  THAT’S AWESOME!
  • Got the opportunity to pray with several folks today.  I love to see God’s Spirit moving on people and drawing them into a deeper level of faith!
  • Also, got to the chance to meet several new families today.  Thankful for those that God is sending to be a part of our Church Family!

Time for some sleep! 

Have a blessed night!

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