24…The End Of An Era!

Those of you reading this that know me well, already know that I’m a BIG fan of the show 24. 
Last night the show came to an end.  I hated to see it go! 
There are not many things that I really enjoy watching on TV…

A few reasons why I enjoyed this one:

  • Jack Bauer (The man!)
  • Jack stood for what was right.  (Yes, he was a little rough around the edges…)
  • Jack got knocked down but refused to stay down. (Not a big fan of quitters.)
  • Jack loved his country. (Enough said on that one.)
  • Plenty of action.  (He would fight for what he believes in.)

Of course I know the show is not “real”, but I do wish we had more Jack Bauer’s in the world.  Someone that knows who they are, knows what’s right, and willing to stand up to the “bad guy” and fight for it!  I love that about him!  I can hear you now, man crush! (Call it what you must. HAHA!) 

When I think about the concept of the “real-time” 24 hour period it reminds me of a Series I did last year that I entitled, get ready for this…24.  (Did you see that coming?)

The Series asked the question, what if you only had 24 hours left?

James 4:14 says, For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.If this was your last 24 hours on this planet:

~What changes would you make?
~What would you do different?
~What really matters?

The reality is, none of us know when our time here will end?  Are you ready for what comes next? Something to think about.

Well, I hate the show has come to an end.  I’m sure I can find something better to do for an hour on Monday Night than watch TV.  Jack, you will be missed.  The good news is he lived, and the writers left it open for a comeback or maybe even the BIG SCREEN!

I will close this post with this challenge.

Know who you are, know what’s right, and be willing to stand up to the “bad guy” and fight for it!

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