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But Who Do YOU Say That I Am?

Probably the most important question ever asked.  It was without a doubt asked by the most important person that ever walked earth…JESUS. This past Sunday at Faith Renewed in The Real Jesus Series, I talked about Jesus being God. I asked 3 questions. Who…

2 Words that change EVERYTHING!

When Jesus found the guys we now call His disciples.  His command was clear. Jesus said, “Follow Me…”.  I think following Jesus has been turned into a simple prayer, or occasional church attendance.  It’s been made into a list of DO’s & DON’T’s.  Instead…

To My Church Family

THANK YOU to EVERYONE that made Pastor Appreciation Day such a special day.   If I had the choice to pastor any church in America, it would be Faith Renewed. WE LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW!