Who Are You Miyaging?

 We all have tests, tragedies, and triumphs in life.  The question is, what are doing with them?

If you hang out with me for any amount of time.  You will soon discover I’m a product of the 80’s.
I LOVE the 80’s!

One of my favorite movies is The Karate Kid.  I’ve seen it MANY times.  When I was younger I always thought the movie was about Daniel-San (wax on-wax off). From his difficult past, to the victorious crane kick in the end.   The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize just how important the storyline of Mr. Miyagi was.  You have a guy that experienced A LOT in life.  Early in the movie you find him dealing with his life encounters by drowning in the sake bottle.  If you think about it, he wasn’t really a happy guy…

We don’t see that AWESOME (8o’s word) Myagi grin until he SHARED his life with Daniel.

We’ve ALL been through things.  We ALL have something we can use to help others.  When we don’t pour out what’s been put in…We become like the Dead Sea…We STINK.  We will find ourselves in the sake, complaining often, and eventually end up a miserable person.

I believe Mr. Miyagi needed Daniel-San just as much as Daniel needed him.

So what do we do?

Use EVERY victory and defeat in life to make a difference in someone else.
You have A LOT to give!
You’re MORE VALUABLE than you know.

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