Dear Pastor,

I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of time in prayer for the youth of your church. You’ve probably prayed something like, “God raise up a generation that will praise You!  UNIFY the youth of our area.  Let their focus turn to YOU and away from this world.”

Guess what?  YOUR PRAYERS WERE HEARD!   With all of the decay happening right in front of our eyes, we know if something doesn’t happen soon, the next generation is in trouble.  Good news!  SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!  It’s called Unify Greenville.  Unify is a student organized and led worship event that is going to change the landscape of our area. This event will take place on 8.8.15 at 6 PM at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.

I heard something the other day that deeply saddened me and showed even more how desperately we need an event like this.  Someone that is part of a large church in this area asked their pastor if they would be supporting and promoting Unify.  His answer was, “No, we are not involved.”   HERE’S THE TRUTH.  If you have anyone under the age of 25 that sits on a pew or chair in your congregation, YOU’RE INVOLVED.  This affects you and the future of the church God has called you to lead. Before my wife and I planted the church we lead, we were youth pastors for 10 years. For over a decade we asked the Lord to raise up an army that would infiltrate the camp of the enemy and take back what has been stolen from our youth and this city.  THE TIME IS NOW!


Let’s do EVERYTHING we can as pastors and leaders to support this movement of God.  How you ask?  PRAY!  Support it financially.  Promote it in every way you can, and ENCOURAGE your church family to attend.

PLEASE check out this link and find out how you can be a part.

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