We kicked off a new Series yesterday at Faith Renewed called RESTORATION.


No matter what the enemy has taken from you, God can restore it to a condition FAR GREATER than ever before!

In the Book of Joel, we see that Judah had been completely destroyed by locusts.  Even the bark was gone off the trees.  This was a situation that would take years to recover from.  If they could recover at all.  God had a better plan!  He said in Joel 2:25, I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten…

Here are a few things that lead to restoration in our life.

  • BELIEVE… Have faith in HIS Word and trust His promises.  BELIEVE AGAIN!
  • PRAISE… The enemy is trying to steal your praise.  He knows it’s one of your greatest weapons!
  • ASSEMBLE… In Joel, they sounded an alarm and called for an assembly.  Get plugged into a church!  Connect with people of faith that love you, and will be honest with you.
  • PRAY… Spend time with HIM.  Prayer changes us!  It may not change the circumstance immediately, but it prepares us for any situation.

God can do more in one moment than we can do in months.


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