The Good Shepherd

I’ve been teaching a Series at Faith Renewed for the last 19 weeks entitled, The Parable.

A parable is a small story, with a BIG idea.  We’ve been dealing strictly with the parables that Jesus taught.  (I LOVE the red letters!)

There’s A LOT we can learn from these stories.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some of the main points from these Messages.  You can also check them out on our website, or iTunes.

This week I spoke from John Chapter 10.

Here are a few thoughts…

  • He’s The Door.
    Nobody goes to The Father apart from The Son.
    He’s The Way, The Truth, & The Life.
  • He’s Good.
    ALL the time…  There’s never a time HE’S NOT!
  • You can hear His voice.
    Are you listening?
  • He calls you by name.
    Will you answer?
  • Shepherds protect and lead.
    He has a plan for your life.
  • He laid His life down.
    No one took His life.  He freely laid it down for you.

What have you learned from His Parables?


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