Two things I’ve found to be TRUE about TRUTH!

In life, there WILL be times when we get asked the tough questions by those close to us.

We are then faced with the decision, should I tell them the truth…

As a pastor, I get put in this position OFTEN.  Some people say that I am too honest (not sure if that’s possible).

I have found a couple of things to be TRUE, when it comes to TRUTH:

  1. Truth can hurt.
    Most people already have the answer they are looking for in their mind, when they ask the question.  When the truth doesn’t line up with their reality, it can hurt. A LOT!  Does that mean we shouldn’t tell them?
  2. Truth can also heal.
    This is my favorite one.  The Bible says, we are set free when we know the truth.  I guess that’s why I’m so “honest” sometimes.  I really do want to see people FREE!  I think we always need to be honest, but also sensitive to the needs of others.  Share the truth in love.

I heard a saying, “The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt forever”.

There’s A LOT of TRUTH in that.

2 Comments on “Two things I’ve found to be TRUE about TRUTH!

  1. I heard someone once say about that “truth in love” scripture that you had to have both, truth and love, for it to work-The truth without love is harsh and love without the truth is weak.

  2. WOW! That is awesome Ken… It’s going to be my next tweet! 🙂

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