Talking About A Right NOW Word!

We kicked off a study of the Book of Colossians Wednesday night at Faith Renewed.

In preparation for this study, I read the “Personal Application” section on Colossians, in my New Spirit Filled Life Bible.  I was blown away by what it said.  Paul wrote Colossians to the church in Colosse, but it’s a timely Word for the church in America.

I was asked to post what I read by someone in our church.  Ask, and you shall receive…

Here it is:

Because this is an age of religious pluralism and syncretism (that is, a diluting of truth for the sake of unity), Christ’s lordship is deemed irrelevant by many religious groups that believe one religion is as good as the other.  His preeminence is denied by others that place the Christian stamp upon a fusion of beliefs from several religions.  Usually held as an advance beyond apostolic Christianity, this blend promises self-fulfillment and freedom without surrender to Christ.

“Jesus is Lord” is the church’s earliest confession.  It remains the abiding test of authentic Christianity.  Neither the church nor the individual believer can afford to compromise Christ’s deity.  In His sovereignty lies His sufficiency.  He will be Lord of everything or not Lord at all.

Can I get an AMEN?!!!

4 Comments on “WOW!

  1. Thanks Bro! It’s amazing how something written so many years ago is so applicable today… Paul was a bad dude! 🙂

  2. Pastor Terry, I bought the original SFLB when it first came out. I just LOVE it. It has great notes and even presents different views on eschatology. The Word Wealth feature is fantastic.

    I was reading a note in mine by Paul Walker this past Sunday morning (which I posted on my wall), and it was so good that it got me started on a trek through the Scriptures. I ended up writing a 5-page article on the Baptism & Initial Evidence of the Holy Spirit. Can you say, “PREACH!” LOL!!!

    Thank you for standing for truth in a pluralistic society. Regardless of culture or changing winds of doctrine, Jesus is still LORD and is still the ONLY Way to the Father!


    I do love the SFLB, it does have some great study tools…
    Thanks you for the encouragement.
    Be Blessed!

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