Four Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old

I love every weekend at Faith Renewed, especially 5th Sundays!  I get an opportunity to have another worship experience with my church family, & also enjoy some great food & fellowship!

We have a “Night of Worship” & Fellowship every 5th Sunday Night.  This week one of our little guys blessed us, when he sung his own rendition of Glorious Day, by Casting Crowns.  I LOVE this song, it’s the Gospel Message!

WATCH THIS video of FOUR YEAR OLD Walker Holman!
He’s unsure on the verses, but NOT the chorus!

Here’s What We Can Learn:

  1. Have NO Fear– Don’t allow fear to paralyze you, & hinder the call on your life.
  2. What TRUE Praise & Worship Is– This came straight from the heart.  Jesus said, The Father is seeking this… John 4:23
  3. Don’t Let What You CAN’T Do Stop You– Walker didn’t let the fact that he didn’t know all the words to the verses stop him.  So many times we focus on our weaknesses, instead of our strengths.
  4. Do What You CAN Do With EVERYTHING You Have– Walker knew the chorus, and nothing was going to stop him from singing it!  We ALL have a gift, use it to the fullest!

Something that makes this video even more special to me, is that Walker is the biological younger brother to my adopted son Caleb.  To see how God has placed each of his siblings in Christian homes, is an awesome picture of God’s Grace.

Living HE loved me.
Dying HE saved me.
Buried HE carried my sins far away.
Rising HE justified, freely forever.
One day HE’S coming, OH, GLORIOUS DAY!

6 Comments on “Four Things We Can Learn From A Four Year Old

  1. I was so blessed by Walker, and I am challenged by this blog. I’m so thankful for our church, our leaders, and that the Lord uses even the youngest in our congregation to minister…FROC really does ROCK! 🙂

  2. It has me in tears all over again. We have such amazing little one’s at Faith Renewed. Sometimes it takes the little one’s to remind us what it truely is to believe in God and that His faithful presence is always with us. His little fingers caught my eye. He kept cossing them the entire time. Pastor Terry, the chorus Walker sang and knew so well, was a sermon that could stand alone any day. Love my church 🙂

  3. Same here Charlotte! We watched it again today! Straight from the heart!!!

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