Some Times You Just Got To!

I love my job!

I love Jesus, & I love people. To be able to teach people about Jesus, is truly a blessing.

I can’t think of anything else that I would rather do, than pastor the group of people that God has given me.

However, some times you just have to take a vacation and do this…

What is your favorite vacation spot?

5 Comments on “Some Times You Just Got To!

  1. Yes sir! We are kicking back down on the coast this week… Hope you guys are doing well.

  2. I have two favorite vacation spots, Destin, Florida and Simpsonville, South Carolina. Destin for the beach and Simpsonville where some of the greatest people I have ever met are.

  3. Leah, I think as hard as you guys work, you deserve a vacation to Simpsonville, SC at least once a month! You guys should start considering retirement… I heard Simpsonville is a great retirement spot! 🙂

  4. Haha Terry! I do love yall with ALL of my heart. We have soooo much fun when we visit, and I stress the word, visit. To retire, hmmmmm well, we would need to get our church and yalls church to combine. WOW! How awesome that would be! Two great churches coming together to worship and do the will of the Father! I do like the idea of taking a vacation to Simpsonville once a month. I will mention it to Barry. : )

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