Weekend Reflections…

Emotionally, I felt like I was on a very big roller coaster this weekend!

Here’s why:

Friday: I performed a wedding ceremony for a couple that married one another over 50 years ago.  They divorced later in life, and went in different directions…  They were brought back together after many years.  After a lot of laughing, crying, & forgiving, they recommitted their lives to one another in front of God and man.  That was AWESOME!

Saturday: I preached the funeral of a church member & friend.  That is NEVER easy! Even though I understand from God’s Word, that he is in the presence of God & wouldn’t trade places with ANY of us for ANY reason, it’s still hard.  Letting go on this side is tough! Thankfully, this is not the end for a Believer in Jesus Christ.

Sunday: Was Father’s Day!  I love being a dad!!!  My Heavenly Dad has blessed me with 3 amazing kids!  I also shared God’s Word.  That’s always a humbling experience.  I spoke a direct Word to the men of Faith Renewed.  God is doing some really cool things in the lives of some of our guys.  I see a Mighty Army rising up!  Our altars were full of men, committing their lives to the cause of Christ.  I saw fathers & sons embracing, and praying for one another.  I LOVED it!

As you can see there were several ups & downs this weekend.

I’m trying to learn to take life, like I do other roller coasters…

By throwing my hands up in the air & enjoying where it takes me!

That was my weekend, how was yours?




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