6 Traits That Make Great Teams

I’ve been going through some of the leadership material that I’ve shared with our Leadership Team here at Faith Renewed.  Over the next several weeks I’m going to share some of it with you.  I’ve gotten some of this material from great leaders that have influenced my life.  Some of it I’ve put together.  Either way, I hope it encourages you and can help equip you in some way.

1. COMMITMENT—to the team or group (If you are not committed then things tend to fall apart.)

2. TRUST—to do the job (Teams have to be able to trust each other to get their responsibilities done.)

3. PURPOSE—knowing why the team is in place and what the individual’s purpose is within the team

4. COMMUNICATION—all must communicate well with and to each other

5.  INVOLVEMENT—each team member has a role to play and must stay committed in doing their job all the time

6. PROCESS ORIENTATION—everyone has a role and each person must take part in making new things happen once they are implemented

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